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John J. Karcher devuser at alternateapproach.com
Sat Aug 14 04:44:39 CEST 2021

On 8/11/21 8:58 AM, Nuri Başçay wrote:
> Hi dear Genode Developers,


I'm not much of a Genode developer, but I have followed the project 
closely for quite a while, so hopefully I can give you a few hints.

> The main point is that, It is my first time using Ubuntu and working on 
> an operating system framework. I'm a computer engineering student (my 
> 2nd year finished now). I know flutter, java and python etc.
> Is there a way to say kindly to my boss that it is impossible to develop 
> genode projects with my knowledge? If yes, please let me know your 
> opinion (what can I say to my boss for example I talked the genode 
> developers so, they said that you need to study more something to start 
> to develop genode)

This is a good question, which you probably have to answer yourself. 
Since most Genode development is done in C++, this is the most important 
skill.  (I don't think you need to be a C++ expert, but a general 
knowledge is necessary.)

> If it is easy to develop apps for genode, please let me know how I can 
> do that.
> I read genode foundations book and study in this link " 
> https://genode.org/documentation/developer-resources/index 
> <https://genode.org/documentation/developer-resources/index> " but I 
> just did Hello World project on genode after 3 weeks.
> So please help me ASAP dear Genode Developers.

"Genode Foundations" is the main development guide, so it is good that 
you have followed that far enough to test the "Hello World" example.

Another good source of info is the "Genodians" web site / blog 
(https://genodians.org/).  The content there varies from elementary to 
extremely advanced; one good starting point might be the articles on the 
custom "Goa" tool, which automates much of the tedious parts of the 
development process.

Another thing to note is that there are two main ways to build 
components for Genode:

1) Including your component directly in a custom build image 
("scenario"), as with the "Hello World" example.  This is typically for 
embedded solutions.

2) Building components for Sculpt, which is the Genode desktop 
environment.  For regular applications, this is probably what you want.

Here are a couple of Genodians articles to help you get started with 
option #2:

- https://genodians.org/nfeske/2019-11-25-goa - this is the first in a 
series, and starts with another "Hello World" example.

- https://genodians.org/nfeske/2020-01-16-goa-publish - this one 
describes how to "publish" the component, so it can be installed in 
Genode Sculpt.

I hope you have success!  Please feel free to ask more questions - the 
more specific, the better!

  Hope it helps,

   John J. Karcher
   devuser at alternateapproach.com

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