I Just Need Your Opinion

Nuri Başçay bynuribascay at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 14:58:06 CEST 2021

Hi dear Genode Developers,

I'm Nuri and I'm an intern student. My boss wants me to learn genode and
develop apps.

Firstly, thanks for your replies.

Thanks to your reply, I ran Hello World in the Linux Genode scenario.

The main point is that, It is my first time using Ubuntu and working on an
operating system framework. I'm a computer engineering student (my 2nd year
finished now). I know flutter, java and python etc.

Is there a way to say kindly to my boss that it is impossible to develop
genode projects with my knowledge? If yes, please let me know your opinion
(what can I say to my boss for example I talked the genode developers so,
they said that you need to study more something to start to develop genode)

If it is easy to develop apps for genode, please let me know how I can do
I read genode foundations book and study in this link "
https://genode.org/documentation/developer-resources/index " but I just did
Hello World project on genode after 3 weeks.

So please help me ASAP dear Genode Developers.
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