ASAP Please Help Me (I'm in intern but know nothing about GENODE)

Nuri Başçay bynuribascay at
Tue Aug 3 10:42:05 CEST 2021

Hello Dear Genode Developers,

First, I would like to say sorry for taking your time.
I'm Nuri and 21 years old.
I'm a ceng student and my boss wants me to start to develop apps by using
genode or sculpt i don't know.However, I could not even print Hello World!
during 9 days (except by using bash with echo command)

Can you please help me about these topics and thanks from now on.
Will I develop apps for genode, or sculpt os?
As I know, I need to know C++ language to develop apps in genode or sculpt
os but do not know where I can programing c++ in genode, I can only open
terminal (bash).
How and where to start programming (first hello world) to develop apps?

I have;
*Windows 10
*Ubuntu 20.04
*Genode Sculpt 21.03b as virtualBox
*I built sculpt os 19.07 image and I have this bootable usb stick by the
help of this  video below

I'm curiously waiting for your reply.

Best regards.

Thank you

Nuri Bas
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