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Hello Peter,

welcome to the list.

On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 12:07:33 CEST, fixed-term.peter.jacobi at wrote:
> My name is Peter new to Genode and just trying to run the script, btw. any of the scripts in genode/repos/ports/run/ are giving me the same result.
> It seems that the building works fine but I get no kind of output. A help and some indication on my wrong'ings would be much apreciated.
> My execution command: make run/vbox5_win10_64 KERNEL=nova BOARD=x86_64
> My "build.conf" file and the building output called "out" are attached.
> My work operating system is Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

The run scripts in repos/ports/run are our work horses for nightly
continuous-integration testing and extensively tweaked for our
requirements. For example, the first missing piece not documented in
the run scripts that comes to my mind is the setup of the test machine
that's expected by the test script. But, I'd expect a number of tiny
little banana skins after this part is solved. Therefore, I suggest
you learn more about Genode and VirtualBox in a more approachable way
first (see below).

Nevertheless you may proceed with the scripts for the most simple
VirtualBox test scenario, which is a direct boot to VirtualBox with
one guest OS running on an Intel-based PC with AHCI controller and
SATA disk. The test uses an ext2 filesystem on the 4th partition.
This information can be read from several configuration files [2] [3]
[4] which are Tcl scripts containing the Genode config, integration
steps etc.

Please also have a look into [5] which is a plain VirtualBox
configuration files that configures a dual-core VM with 8 GiB RAM and
a virtual disk image file on the ext2 fs located at /win10.vdi with an
overlay image file located at /ram/overlay_win10.vdi.

Also, you should setup a remote-controllable and TFTP-bootable test
machine [6] [7].

> My goal, create an mikrokernel with genode-framework starting 2 linux Virtualbox applications creating a simple communication between them.

The straightforward approach is to use Sculpt to configure your
scenario at runtime. The online documentation is available here [1].
With Sculpt you can learn many aspects about Genode the easy way with
the integrated GUI. Afterwards you may return to the basic low-level
work with the run scripts.


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