Suggestions for contributing

Mihail Feraru mihailferaru2000 at
Wed Oct 14 10:59:33 CEST 2020

Hello everyone,

I've recently asked my Operating Systems professor about an
interesting project to contribute to, and he recommended Genode.

After a glimpse of the docs and playing a little bit with the tutorial
repo, it really got my interest. It would be great if any of you would
like to guide me a little bit about how I could be useful to the
project. Maybe there are good issues for a new contributor or any
feature testing to be done, anything that you consider relevant.

 About me, I have a little bit of experience with kernel development
as I've worked on a hobby kernel project.


PS. I've seen this strange output message after running
hello_tutorial: "17592186044415 MiB RAM and 8997 caps assigned to
init" and it feels pretty wrong, maybe it's a bug.

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