driver_manager RAM quota for boot_fb_drv

Colin Parker cvparker at
Sun Oct 11 06:23:35 CEST 2020

    I just upgraded to the 20.08 version of Sculpt. There seems to be a
problem with the boot_fb_drv component, from what I can guess the changes
to this component because of the graphics refactor make it need more RAM,
but the driver_manager computes the ram as "_pitch * _height + 512*1024".
Changing this to "2 * _pitch * _height + 512*1024" (i.e. doubling the
framebuffer part) fixed it for me. Is there a smarter way to understand how
much RAM is actually needed here, rather than using blunt tools like
"double until it works"? Does this problem only affect me for some reason?
This is in qemu which gives a very large screen, but it used to work in the
old version (20.02 I think).

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