iMX8 not all cores starting

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Tue Oct 6 13:44:44 CEST 2020


On Tue, Oct 06, 2020 at 01:24:44PM +0200, Duss Pirmin wrote:
> Hello Stefan
> Many thanks for the tips.
> I have stripped out all code from Bootstrap::Platform::Boot::Boot()
> except of a Genode::raw() call. This is currently the first output I see
> from bootstrap.
> I do now print print the value result after the asm call in
> wake_up_all_cpus(). The value of it is 0xfffffffffffffff7 for all 3 CPUs.
> This looks like an error to me, But I'm still trying to find the correct
> ARM/NXP manual that describes the 0xC4000003 register, so that I can
> understand what might go wrong.

The value 0xC4000003 is no register, but a SMC call [0] function
identifier, and part of the Power State Coordination Interface [1].
So 0xfffffffffffffff7 seems to be -9, which means INVALID_ADDRESS
according to [1]. Looks like the provided ip is not ok? It has to be
in the RAM below 0x40000000, isn't it?



> Regards,
> Pirmin

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