No output with Genode::raw and Fiasco.OC

Simon Himmelbauer himmelba at
Fri Oct 2 15:24:14 CEST 2020

Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for your input! I plan on testing the software on an RPI in the 
future as well so this might prove useful.

Anyways, regarding your timing problems, how exactly did you measure 
them? My current setup consists of taking a start and stop timestamp via 
a timer-connection but I only seem to get milliseconds-precision (I 
tried using elapsed_us() but it seems to always produce 
"microsecond"-values ending with three zeroes.). I currently run 
everything inside QEMU so I don't know whether real hardware will simply 
fix this.


On 02.10.20 14:32, Tomasz Gajewski wrote:
> Simon Himmelbauer <himmelba at> writes:
>> I'm currently writing a time sensitive-program using Fiasco.OC as a
>> kernel. For debugging purposes I wanted to use Genode::raw in order to
>> avoid the overhead of Genode::log.
> Although you confirmed that Christian's answer solved your problem you
> can look at trace logger and a feature to redirect logs to trace buffer.
> I used it to diagnose timing problems in USB driver for RPI and it may
> be useful for you too.
> It is described in section "Redirection of LOG output to TRACE events"
> in release notes for versoin 20.05. In this case calls to log just write
> to memory eliminating any overhead and trace logger can read it
> asynchronously later and output to console.
> Cheers,
> Tomasz

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