Sculpt for slides presentation

Roman Iten roman.iten at
Tue Mar 3 09:51:08 CET 2020

Hi Norman,

> It integrates the slides along with the PDF viewer into the boot image.
> This way, I am able to show the slides at any time, even without
> selecting any Sculpt partition.

I have a slightly different use case: I need to be able to update the
PDF without building the sculpt image. But it is not required to show
slides without selecting any Sculpt partition. But thanks to your patch
it was straight forward to add this feature and works like a charm!

> For toggling the visibility of the slides, the patch configures the
> pseudo key KEY_PRESENTATION as global key in the nitpicker GUI server.
> This key code is generated via the input-filter remap rule for F11.

I like that solution as it allows show/hide the slides in combination
with either the Leitzentrale or the runtime ;)


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