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Mon Mar 2 11:26:01 CET 2020

Hi Roman,

thanks for the feedback!

> I tried to do the same, but failed. I can show a PDF using pkg/pdf_view
> by routing it - for example - to "themed wm" or "background". How can I
> use the "slides" layer and how do I can make sure the PDF is shown with
> "optimal" zoom level (page with/height)? How can I toggle the slides
> layer on and off?

I'm using the attached patch.

It integrates the slides along with the PDF viewer into the boot image.
This way, I am able to show the slides at any time, even without
selecting any Sculpt partition.

The slides are picked up as 'bin/slides.pdf' from the Genode build
directory when executing the script.

For toggling the visibility of the slides, the patch configures the
pseudo key KEY_PRESENTATION as global key in the nitpicker GUI server.
This key code is generated via the input-filter remap rule for F11.


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