Wifi drivers in Sculpt OS

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Hi Colin,

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 11:15:54AM +0100, Josef Söntgen wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> > Another thought that came to me is whether Sculpt VMs can do USB
> > passthrough, and then I could run a Linux VM which will have the drivers.
> > Is that possible? Could the network connection make it's way out of the VM?
> You can use USB passthrough on Sculpt, most prominently it is used for
> writing new Sculpt images to USB sticks [1]. It should also work for other
> USB devices like NICs and wireless dongles. However, there is no way for
> a VM to provide this as a service to the outside.
>   [1] https://genode.org/documentation/articles/sculpt-19-07#Updating_the_USB_boot_device_from_within_VirtualBox

I think in case of networking, you can expose the network facility of
the guest OS, which uses the dedicated USB-Wifi card, via the virtual
NIC provided by Virtualbox. The nic_router component in Genode should
be able to mark the domain of your guest OS to be the uplink for other
domains. With the corresponding routing rules within your guest Linux
you should be able to route requests from other Genode components to
the USB-Wifi card.
Of course, this is a functional solution, but not a favored one with
respect to minimal complexity ;-).

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