Roadmap 2020

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Tue Jan 14 01:24:20 CET 2020

Hello everyone,

I hesitated to write about my plans for 2020 as in the previous year I
did not succeed with my goals regarding Genode and Raspberry Pi. It was
mostly due to underestimating the amount of required work and maybe more
important due to different personal issues that limited amount of spare
time to the level that I was merely able to catch up with changes in
official repository from time to time.

Now with the new year started I'm again full of optimism. After all the
work done in base-hw (mostly by Stefan) it seems to be much easier and
in a more natural way to introduce support for different hardware (rpi
versions in my case) and I hope to be able to finish and cleanup my code
enough to be incorporated to genode and genode-world repositories during
this year. I believe that Sculpt like scenarios working on Raspberry Pi
could arouse interest in Genode.

On a completely different territory I'd like to investigate
possibilities to allow working with Genode code in some big programming
environments - I'm thinking about Eclipse since I have some experience
with it. I understand that everyone here knows organisation of code in
Genode repository well enough to know where to look and finding proper
places for modifications/improvements and I'm also getting used to it
but I also remember how hard it was for me year ago to browse the
code. Nowadays programmers are used to have code completion and
integrated debugging in one environment and I think that such
integration would lower the amount of time required to start coding for
Genode and potentially attract new people.


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