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Mon Jan 6 16:36:42 CET 2020

Hi John,

> In the context of #1:
> - I don't know if others feel the same way, but I would feel more
> comfortable with a journaling file system (e.g., ext4) for important
> data.  (I have no idea how big of a task this is)

you are certainly not alone. I'm wary to put it on the road map though.

The topic is not merely a matter of porting some file-system code but it
deserves to be addressed at a larger scale, combined with a performance
study. E.g., we contemplated ideas to completely separate the caching
from the file systems by the means of chained VFS plugins. This work -
once tackled - should also consider the concerted and graceful wind-down
of the file-system stack, which remains unaddressed as of today. Such a
holistic undertaking, however, is quite a big project. Too big for a
side project, in my opinion.

On the other hand, I personally don't feel the pressure. The
rump-kernel-based file system that I'm using day to day has not failed
me yet. Let me also note that none of our current customers has recently
expressed interest in funding this direction either.

> And just for curiosity, can you share any info on your Sculpt UI ideas,
> especially "Replacing Unix/Vim-based interface of the Leitzentrale with
> a graphical user interface"?

Good call. Please find my collection of thoughts here:


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