Qt5 build tools

Nobody III hungryninja101 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 07:52:14 CET 2020

I'm trying to port Qt5 software to Genode. The lack of qmake support is
problematic, as most qmake project files I've encountered cannot be handled
by GNU make as regular makefiles, which is the standard method used by
Genode's build tools. Aside from qmake, the other most common build system
I've encountered being used by Qt5 software is CMake. Support for using
either (or ideally both) of these with Goa (or the Genode SDK) would be
very helpful. I recognize that Goa already has basic CMake support, but the
CMake files for Qt5 aren't being generated (or aren't being kept) when Qt5
is built using Genode's build system, so CMake is not yet a viable option
for building Qt5 software using Goa.

Ideally support for both systems should eventually be pursued, but either
one would be extremely useful. Can someone help me with this?
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