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Mon Dec 21 11:43:59 CET 2020

Hi Cedric,

great to see a lifesign of you!

On 19.12.20 14:55, ttcoder at wrote:
> As to me, I can't contribute much to the discussion unfortunately :
> Genode has already been making bounds and leaps in the areas that count
> for me (AMD compatibility, HDA driver etc) whereas I've been ""idle""
> for a long time, thus falling behind more and more.

Admittedly, the FUSE issue is not one of those areas. Unfortunately, we
were not able to pick it up in 2020. Hence, I'm hesitant to make any
promises in this direction.

> - finish publishing a (massively cleaned up) copy of the code (aimed at
> 18.11) that already works so-so, making sure it works good-good *grin*
> - once consolidated and cleaned up, work my way through 19.x and 20.x
> versions of Genode, updating the code as I go, accounting for slight
> changes in Genode over that time and (especially) the toolchain switch
> - once up to date with Genode, get my port itself up to date
> - take advantage of the new hardware compatibility introduced recently, 
> profit !

I very much enjoyed following your work on HoG and your writings. :-)


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