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Sat Dec 19 14:55:54 CET 2020

Hi Genodians,

> drivers, I guess). Example 3 - When the FB driver crashes, the rest of the system is resilient

>and continues to run. > But, of course this is nearly useless because there is no way to reset

>the driver. Given my understanding of the component-based architecture, it seems

>like these things shouldn't be insurmountable issues. It should be possible to identify

>a failed component, kill it, and replace with a new instance, I think?

The way I understand it, this ticket hints at the "restart driver" problem being on its way sometimes soon, which sounds like a whole new can of pure kick-ass awesomeness (did any OS manage to pull off that feat before Genode ?) :


As to me, I can't contribute much to the discussion unfortunately : Genode has already been making bounds and leaps in the areas that count for me (AMD compatibility, HDA driver etc) whereas I've been ""idle"" for a long time, thus falling behind more and more. I still expect to get out of the salt mines in the next few weeks and resume my project of running a Be-like OS on top of Genode/nova, something like this:

- finish publishing a (massively cleaned up) copy of the code (aimed at 18.11) that already works so-so, making sure it works good-good *grin*

- once consolidated and cleaned up, work my way through 19.x and 20.x versions of Genode, updating the code as I go, accounting for slight changes in Genode over that time and (especially) the toolchain switch

- once up to date with Genode, get my port itself up to date

- take advantage of the new hardware compatibility introduced recently,  profit !


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