mmap implementation for ANON mapping with desired address

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Mon Dec 21 10:10:22 CET 2020

Hi Alexander,

> I am not talking about usage of noux, I am talking about build system.
> e.g. standard libraries can’t be build using «configure» call - while
> targets from 
> repos/ports can. I am not sure that exactly noux dir is necessary,
> probably it 
> could be the same in repos/world. need to check...

the name is just historic. When I removed Noux, I actually wanted to
rename it but had not found a suitable name yet. Maybe we should rename
the directory to autoconf-pkgs?

>> will try to take a look at the `goa` project. @Norman @Jozef, do you
>> have an
>> opinion here?
> I suspect that it run only ontop of linux

The testing workflow of Goa targets Linux currently. But the resulting
binaries and depot archives work across all kernels.

> As I understand, there are no such files (set/get context) in sources of
> libpcl,
> as mentioned in the docs, it can use them as interface.
> Moreover, original port of libc from FreeBSD used for Genode 
> do contain some code related to implementations of them - but it was not
> ported yet
> (as I understand because it call signal-related syscalls from asm,
> @norman can correct me if I am wrong.
> May be variable args could also be a problem).

I'm admittedly not well versed in this corner of the libc.

Regarding cooperative threading models in current use, Genode's Thread
API provides the method 'alloc_secondary_stack'. We use that in
combination with setjmp/longjmp at several places (dde_linux, dde_bsd,
libc internal) to implement cooperative control flows.


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