mmap implementation for ANON mapping with desired address

Alexander Tormasov a.tormasov at
Tue Dec 8 14:34:14 CET 2020

Will be happy to help!
Please take a look to readme and to my reply to Josef Söntgen about problems mentioned.

I think that we need first to make a plan of fixes to bring current state of the project to more «industrial» state - both in genode and in golang runtime code. Some points listened in my reply …
I think that first and most important is to make «portable» (ARM/x86 32/64 bit, and signal mask processing) implementation of setcontext/getcontex/makecontext - this is crucial for golang goroutines support...

7 дек. 2020 г., в 18:30, Sergey Platonov <sergey.platonov at<mailto:sergey.platonov at>> написал(а):

Hello all,

We at gapfruit are also interested in golang runtime support and would like to invest some time into it.
@Alexander, thank you for paving the way for golang support on Genode. Now might be a good time to help to solve some of the remaining issues, so we can keep up the momentum. Will it be ok if we join for a while? We will need some time to dive into the work you have done already and evaluate how much time we can invest. We will be glad to discuss the issues you think we can help with.


Sergey Platonov
gapfruit AG
Baarerstrasse 135
6300 Zug
+41 762 444 560
sergey.platonov at<mailto:sergey.platonov at>

Alexander Tormasov via users писал 23.11.2020 09:26:

Hello Norman,
I make once again attempt to implement the mmap with MAP_FIXED|MAP_ANON
Now I think that it is closer to what I need for golang runtime, at least it works here.
Could you take a look?

Due to specific of my tests it appears in 2 patches to genode master (Oct 23 2020):
and 2 files (repos/libports/lib/symbols/libc and repos/ports/src/noux-pkg/go_app/<> with main algorithm) from here

(sorry, still have some whitespaces and code style changes in patches)

Question: is it worth to spend more efforts to bring it to the mainstream genode?
or continue keeping them in the private repository as now?

Same question for golang support…
It can be potentially stored in world repo - is it worth to spend efforts?
May be someone interested to takeover this work?

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