Run SculptOS in i.MX8MQ-EVK

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> Hello Christian,
> I was probably expressed wrong. Want I meant is, the board it does not
> boot. I know the board is functional because
> I firstly tried to boot the Android image from the eMMC and it worked. So
> I am definitely doing something very

> wrong or missing some step in between while preparing the SD card with the
> SculptOS image.

The .elf file isn't a image of a sdcard. It is a "program" that needs to 
be started from a bootloader. You need u-boot on the sdcard. Follow 
Stefans reply. You also need access to the uart (serial port), like 
Christian hinted of.

> No hint or help is trivial as I am quite a beginner.
> Thanks in advance!

No problem!

Best regards
Michael Grunditz

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