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Fri Aug 14 10:40:15 CEST 2020

Unfortunately, I sent my original response to Dima's private address and
not to the mailing list. So, here again for the list:

Hi Dima,

On which commit have you compiled when speaking of 20.03 ? I ask because
there are some commits to the NIC Router that entered mainline between
20.02 and 20.05 and that affect DHCP:

dc9074054 nic_router: accept DHCP reply with missing option
ba55409c8 nic_router: keep dyn IP when updating domain obj
c1b600024 nic_router: don't call DHCP client on requests
0a468a07a nic_router: fix lifetime of DHCP clients

If you don't have them in your 20.03 build you might want to try
cherrypicking them.

Furthermore, you might want to use the verbosity/report features of the
NIC Router to inspect the problem at runtime. They provide you with deep
packet inspection, interface-state tracking, traffic statistics, and
routing decisions.

As soon as you have activated your networking in Sculpt you can see the
NIC Router in the "Components" graph of the Leitzentrale. Then you can
activate "Storage -> [HARD_DISC] -> Inspect" in the graph and go to the
"Inspect" tab of the Leitzentrale. In this shell you can copy the NIC
Router configuration '/config/managed/nic_router' to
'/config/nic_router' to prevent that it is managed by the Sculpt Manager
(note that the content of the "Network" menu changes when doing so).
Then open '/config/nic_router' with Vim to adapt the configuration to
your needs.

The configuration changes are applied as soon as you save the file and
without interrupting the NIC Router services. Please have a look at
'os/src/server/nic_router/README' for details about the configuration. I
think you're especially interested in all attributes that start with
'verbose' in the chapter "Verbosity" and the <report> tag in the chapter
"Configuring reporting functionality". The output generated by the
'verbose' attributes can be found in '/report/log' (intermixed with the
rest of the system log) and is normally prefixed with the [name] of the
affected routing domain. The output generated by the <report> tag can be
found in '/report/runtime/nic_router/state'.

I hope this helps you!?
If you have any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to ask ;)


El 13.08.20 a las 11:00, Dima Sokolov escribió:
> Hello. I am experiencing a network issue in Sculpt OS. Wired connection
> is established, and the computer gets an IP address assigned dynamically
> (e.g., RAM FS is activated and in use, but I cannot
> download anything from the depot (using any source). Fetchurl keeps
> trying, and these messages can be seen in the log:
> Libc RNG not configured
> Fetchurl got stuck, respawning (it’s shown multiple times)
> Packet operation = 0 failed (finally, I get this one)
> I’m testing on bare metal. I have tried various network card
> combinations (Intel / Realtek) as well as various different motherboard
> / CPU configurations – the result is still the same. I tried Sculpt
> 20.02 and compiled 20.03 from the sources – again, the result is the
> same. Also, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting – still the same.
> I have these network cards, that should be compatible as stated in the
> manual (E1000), but they yield the same results: Intel PRO/1000 MT (PCI)
> Intel PRO/1000 GT DESKTOP (PCI)
> Motherboard / CPU combinations:
> Asus P5W64 WS Pro (classic BIOS, AHCI, VT-x) + Intel Xeon X5460
> Asus Sabertooth X58 (classic BIOS, AHCI, VT-x, VT-d) + Intel Xeon X5650
> Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 (UEFI BIOS, AHCI, IOMMU) + AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
> What should I do to fix the problem? Is there anything I missed in
> configuration?
> On a side note, if I use bridged networking inside Virtualbox on Ubuntu
> (trying to rule out motherboard incompatibility), the results are
> exactly the same. I downloaded Arora using NAT networking and hard drive
> FS depot, and then tried bridge networking to see if the culprit is in
> fetchurl, but Arora also cannot access websites. Since I want to test
> Virtualbox and Seoul on Sculpt OS, and nested virtualization results in
> a black screen for either of them, I need to go bare metal.
> Best regards,
> Dima Sokolov
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