Cross-compilation of lx_hybrid components

Roman Iten roman.iten at
Mon Nov 25 14:06:28 CET 2019


I pushed the commit 26eeb4e to [1]. The square peg now fits the round
hole nicely, nothing else broke (we actually use it since a few weeks
now). Thanks for your support Christian and Pirmin!



On 29.10.19 11:41, Christian Helmuth wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> great to hear you managed to fit this square peg into a round hole
> (and broke all other platforms ;-).
> On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 11:23:36 CET, Roman Iten wrote:
>> The problem I care about is that scenarios using hybrid components don't
>> work at runtime. For example run/lx_fs or run/netperf_lwip (uses
>> linux_nic_drv):
>> ```
>> [10:49:20.418] Warning: blocking canceled in entrypoint constructor
>> ```
>> Any idea whats wrong?
> Actually, no. The information you provided about what happens could be
> called scarce at best. The core output about "blocking canceled" you
> cite happens if the core Linux process happens to receive a POSIX
> signal, which is in many cases SIGCHLD because any child exited.
> I suggest you try to investigate this suspicion using the following
> hints.
> - Analyze the syslog looking for messages about segmentation or
>   protection faults.
> - Pause execution of linux_nic_drv early on startup by calling magic
>     extern "C" void wait_for_continue();
>   which waits for input on stdin.
> - Try to attach a debugger to linux_nic_drv on the target.
> - Maybe replace linux_nic_drv with a very simple hybrid Hello-World
>   program.
> Good luck

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