New french Wikipedia article about Genode

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at
Fri Mar 29 18:00:29 CET 2019

Sebastian Sumpf wrote:
> Hey Valery,
> On 3/28/19 7:05 PM, Valery V. Sedletski wrote:
>> Martin Stein wrote:
>>> I'm happy to announce that, thanks to a collaboration with the 
>>> community
>>> member 'ttcoder', Genode can now also be found on the french Wikipedia:
>>> If there are French speakers who would like to review it and mail me
>>> corrections (or apply them directly if they like to), this would be 
>>> very
>>> appreciated!
>>> I also again encourage everyone whose native language (or well known
>>> second language) cannot be found yet amongst the Genode
>>> Wikipedia-articles: If you'd like to fix this, please let me know. Your
>>> translation skills would be of big help!
>> I could try to update russian wikipedia article. Though, it's content is
>> completely different from english article. Also, it's name is
>> "Genode_OS_Framework", instead of being just "Genode". So, I'd suggest
>> to preserve the old article as is, and create a second "Genode" article,
>> which
>> should be the translation of the official english article. What do you
>> think?
>> Is the older article needed? It would be better to have russian 
>> translation
>> the same name as the english original. The older page may contain some
>> additional info. We could add a link to the older page from the new one,
>> and link to the english original, in case someone needs it.
> Cool to hear that you are up for it. A completely new article sounds
> great. If it is possible I would altogether remove the old article and
> add any information that is missing to the new one.
Yes, I'd better even merge the content of both articles, and create
a redirect from one name to another. The existing article also contain
some additional information, some of which is outdated. As people
noted, the old russian wikipedia article existed before any other national
articles, and it contains some original content, whereas other national
articles are mostly translations of the english one. So, russian article
misses some useful info that the official one contained, but it contains
some extra info.
> The old article seems to be updated, though, because it shows the 
> latest Genode release.
Yes, there were some edits in this month. So, it is a bit updated, but
some info, like about L4Linux port, which is discontinued, is a bit
> Maybe we could get in touch with the author who did these latest changes
> (in case it was not you).  If this is not feasible, we could mark the
> old article as outdated and link to the new one at the top.
Yes, I also think so. I need to contact the original article authors and
discuss it with them. (I know one of the authors, it is my friend Oxyd.
But he had disappeared for some time, so I need to have the occassion
to meet him again to discuss it). For now, I created the draft for my
translation here: 

Most probably, we'll need to join the content of both articles into the
"Genode" article, and create a redirect from the "Genode_OS_Framework"
page (or vice versa).


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