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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Thu Mar 21 16:16:06 CET 2019

Hi Tomasz,

thanks for the feedback and for bringing the observed problems to the
issue tracker [1], [2].


>  1. I'd suggest to add clarification in section about making
>     customizations permanent that to make a partition default for Sculpt
>     partition table must be of GPT type and partition NAME must be set
>     to GENODE* (using e.g. parted). Documentation doesn't mention
>     partitioning scheme requirement and uses word "labeled" which points
>     rather to labels written inside ext2/3/4 partitions (with tools
>     tune2fs or e2label).

That's true. The documentation should be more clear about how to
accomplish this, at least about the fact that we are talking about GPT
partition names. A concrete suggestion (a patch) for improving it would
be highly appreciated. The document is located in the Genode repository
at repos/gems/recipes/pkg/sculpt/README.

>  3. What would I need to tweak/implement to make keys with Alt (like
>     Alt+F, Alt+B) to work in noux. If it is not easy then at least I'd
>     like to know how to disable Ctrl+D (delete equivalent on linux) that
>     currently causes bash to exit and loose commands history.

Regarding the Alt-key handling, I'm afraid you will need to dig into
customizing the noux-bash pkg. You may find the ports/run/
script useful for developing such tweaks.

For blocking Ctrl+D you may look into /config/en_us.chargen,
specifically at the definitions for the second modifier 'mod2', which
happens to be Ctrl. Here, you see that KEY_D maps to the ASCII value 4.
By changing this attribute to 'char="x"', you can remap Ctrl+D to 'x'.
You can do this on the fly. Cool, isn't it?

>  4. When trying to install software I somehow managed to stop
>     leitzentrale work. There was some information about memory quota but
>     I lost it when I switched to wm and couldn't get back to
>     leitzentrale. I'll try to provide more details if I can reproduce
>     this.

Thank you for your assistance with getting to the bottom of this. We
will find out. ;-)


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