Problems with some partitions detection/mounting

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at
Sun Mar 10 14:57:16 CET 2019

Hello Valery,

> 1) Sculpt boots (only with x86_32 case, so far) fine until the desktop, it
> detects my Intel Gigabit LAN and Intel wifi just fine, and the network
> interface is up and assigned an IP. Also, it correctly detects the size of
> my 750 GB hard disk (actually, 698 GB, because 1 GB == 1024^3 bytes, not
> 1000^3 bytes). But the Leitzentrale lists only first three partitions, not
> all ones (see the screenshot below).
> My hard disk partitioning scheme is the following: [1]. The 1st primary
> partition is a 64 GB FAT32 partition. I tried to use it as a Genode
> partition, but Sculpt has problems mounting it, for some reason. The
> extended partition contains the following logical partitions within it:
> 1) a 3 GB HPFS partition with OS/2
> 2) another 3 GB HPFS partition (empty)
> 3) a 420 GB JFS partition, shared by OS/2 and Linux
> 4) 40 GB Linux swap partition
> 5) a 55 GB Linux ext3 partition
> 6) a 10 GB BeFS Haiku partition
> 7) a 90 GB freespace

Could you please give commit [1] a try. It should fix your problem
regarding the missing EBR entries.


To use it in the Sculpt, please cherry-pick the commit and make the
following changes to _repos/gems/run/sculpt.run_:

  build { server/part_block }
  append boot_modules { part_block }


Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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