Genode on RPI - end of discovery stage

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Mon Jun 10 00:54:46 CEST 2019

Tomasz Gajewski <tomga at> writes:

> There are some minor things that probably should be fixed, though. I
> see at least:
>  - license header update
>  - some minor formatting issues: indentation and some old commented
>    code
>  - I'm not sure if _wait_until_ready() is ok - busy loop in kernel
>    code?  (sometimes I suspected that some exceptions and hangs I had
>    were connected with this function, although I'm not sure)
> I would address those isseus before proposing merge but if you need it
> now then go ahead and make changes you think are suitable.

Stefan, I've seen you made a commit which renames this mini uart driver
in your branch. I've started the cleanup of commits and I'd like to
incorporate this rename into my branch to avoid merge conflicts

Do you have any objections that I merge this into my one commit for uart
driver, or would you like to have it separate (as three: my original,
your rename, and my cleanup)?

Additionally - do you have any changes to this driver that you did not
push yet that could cause merge conflicts?

I also have one more general question about further processing of
getting my changes to genode repositories. I'll cleanup the code and
split commits into parts that contain specific features but should I
open different issues on github for each of them or one for all changes
I made for rpi is enough? I think it would be better to process them
individually but as they depend on each other I want to hear your


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