How to see runtime log on Rpi3 B+

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Fri Jul 5 13:50:15 CEST 2019

kimberly nNA <eft823177 at> writes:


> I modified and added some apps on
> The genode version is

It's great that someone tries to use this :-).

> I tried this commands : 
> $ ./tool/create_builddir rpi3bplus 
> $ make run/demo KERNEL=hw
> This case successfully run on Rpi3 B+ 

It's even more great to hear that it is working.

> But I couldn't see the runtime log like as on x86_64 :
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ...
> [init -> drivers] Error: Could not open ROM session for "config"
> [init -> drivers] Error: Uncaught exception of type 'Genode::Rom_connection::Rom_connection_failed'
> [init -> drivers] Warning: abort called - thread: ep
> [init] child "drivers" exited with exit value 1
> [init -> acpi_drv] Found MADT
> ...
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Like the above example, sometimes I want to debug errors on Rpi.
> Can I see the runtime log on Rpi3 B+ ?
> If it can, how to set on putty ? (p.s. I used USB to TTL Serial Cable)

Some time ago Alexander Weidinger wrote on this list that it is
important to have in config.txt following:


and that last line is really important. I haven't really checked if it
works without it but definitely works with. Maybe it is the missing

If you use u-boot you should see some logs from it first. Do you use it
and see logs?

> In putty configuration :
> serial line : /dev/ttyUSB0
> speed : 115200

115200 should work.

> I also tried speed : 9600
> But I still couldn't see runtime log.
> Maybe I have to refer to and then modify ?

I've never tested yet but for testing UART you should
probably start with run/log instead of run/demo. It's much smaller.

Some time ago I've started to write my first article to
documenting all steps I've done to configure booting on RPI. Your
problem gives me motivation to finish it. I don't promise, but I'll try
to finish it in next few days.


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