Genode on RPI - second round

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Thu Feb 28 23:12:21 CET 2019

Norman Feske <norman.feske at> writes:

> Hi Tomasz,
>> [init -> test ->Kernel: Cpu 0 error: re-entered lock. Kernel exception?!
>> For now the "solution" satisfies me but probably I'll get back to it
>> when I have a JTAG debugger. Without it it is hard to diagnose this.
> Stefan is away right now but I think that the following commit is
> related to this issue. It is part of the just-released Genode 19.02:

Thank you for this information. I have this commit on my branch as it is
based on staging but I didn't know that it could be a fix for the
problem. Therefore I haven't tested this until now.

After first test I was going to write that currently even after
"decalibrating" timer frequency (reverting my "fix") problem doesn't
appear but tried again, and unfortunately it failed. After 8 attempts I
had 2 failures and 6 successes.

Definitely something on staging helped. Probably this commit. But the
issue still exists and I leave it on my todo list for later.

Tomasz Gajewski

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