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Emery Hemingway ehmry at
Mon Feb 18 21:27:52 CET 2019

Hello Pin,

On Monday, February 18, 2019 5:05:15 PM CET, voidpin via users wrote:
> 1) How to shutdown my machine? Up to now, I haven't figured it 
> out and been forcing shutdown using the power switch. I've tried 
> 'poweroff' and 'shutdown -p now' to no avail.

I also use the power button to forcibly shutown, but maybe someone else
has a tip on ACPI shutdown.

> 3) Related to 2)... I've changed config to use de instead of 
> en_US, but everytime I restart its back in en_US!? I've looked 
> through the documentation, but I'm afraid I'm doing something 
> wrong, as changes are not stored!?!

To "commit" your configuration changes you will need to copy the changed
files to storage, this would probably be at /rw/config/18.11/input_filter
in your case, the version number is available from an "Inspect" terminal
in /VERSION file.

> 2) Is a new release coming soon? I have a SE_SV keyboard and 
> although, I can do it with de this is not optimal. I might just 
> write a keyboard definition, but if its coming soon, it would be 
> a waste of time.

A new release is coming soon, but I believe the only additional layout
will be French. Creating Swedish should be easy though, just copy
/config/de.chargen to /config/se_sv.chargen, make your changes there,
edit /config/input_filter to change which chargen files are loaded, and
if that works, copy those files to /rw so that they are loaded again at
next boot.

Thank you for the kind words,

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