import_from_depot size limitation

Duss Pirmin pirmin.duss at
Tue Aug 6 09:37:16 CEST 2019

Hello Stefan

On 05.08.19 10:58, Stefan Kalkowski wrote:
> Hello Pirmin,
> I was on vacation, so sorry for my late response.

No problem, I hope you had a good time.

> On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 08:09:47AM +0200, Duss Pirmin wrote:
>> Heello Stefan
>> Thanks for the information.
>> On 19.07.19 10:24, Stefan Kalkowski wrote:
> I don't know exactly what the last two lines denote, but given that
> the link address of bootstrap is 0x10001000 and you load the uImage
> via u-boot to 0x14000000, there is only ~64MiB for the uncompressed
> system image including all boot modules left. Your (normally
> compressed) uImage is more than 26 MiB in size, so uncompressed
> probably much bigger than 64 MiB. So in my eyes there is a big chance
> for an overlap. Sadly, u-boot won't warn you about it.
> To exclude an overlap, please change your uImage loadaddr to something
> like 0x30000000.

The last two lines are the addresses of the ROM modules that are printed
when the system starts (I assume this is where u-boot uncompressed the
content to, and that core prints the addresses while parsing the elf).

If my assumptions, that u-boot decompressed uImage to 0x10001000 and up,
and that the list of modules printed at startup is the uncompressed
location and size of the ROM modules, then you are right, the
possibility for an overlap is relatively high.

As I currently have a working setup, and know what to keep an eye on,
you may regard this as solved for the moment. I will keep in mind, to
check for overlap of memory regions in the future, when booting the
system fails.

Best regards

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