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Sat Apr 6 21:43:38 CEST 2019

On 4/5/19 2:04 PM, Joel Desermeau via users wrote:
> Hello again my friends :)
> I'm just a junior sysadmin, but I want to learn how to program in C and 
> C++. Could a noux environment be created with compilers and debugging 
> programs like gdb and valgrind?
> Maybe one day I'll be good enough to be a Genode developer :) I can dream.

I'm going to let the devs answer your actual question ("Building Genode 
packages directly on Sculpt" is on the public Roadmap for later in the 
year), but I'll just mention a couple of quick things.

For now, developing for Genode is done in Linux.  The whole installation 
process is described in "Genode Foundations" 
(  (They 
recommend Ubuntu LTS, but I've been using Debian Unstable for years 
without problems.)

You need to download the Genode-specific build tools, which are very 
polished and pleasant to work with.  Right now everything is done from 
the command-line, but there is nothing to prevent someone from 
configuring an IDE to invoke them (and writing about it for!).

(Personally, I do my Genode development in a VirtualBox VM, to keep 
things clean.  And I believe the Genode team do the same, but running on 
a Genode host!)

As you're learning C++, it will be interesting to keep in mind that the 
Genode team has chosen to use only a subset of C++, to prevent many 
common problems that C++ is famous for.  Norman wrote an interesting 
article on this subject at 

As you find answers to things that are not obvious to new developers, 
please feel free to write them up for  It could save a 
lot of time for new developers coming after you!

  Hope this helps a little,

   John J. Karcher
   devuser at

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