hash sum check failed for atari800 port

Wouter van Oijen wouter.van.oijen at technolution.nl
Thu Nov 22 14:48:06 CET 2018


I was just trying to prepare the "atari800" port (from genode-world)
but the hash sum check failed (see logging below). I can easily fix
the hash to make it work at my system, but I'm surprised that the
current hash is only 40 characters (instead of 64 characters that are
expected for a sha256sum). If it should be a sha256sum then the port
will obviously not work for anybody, and should fail in any automated
regression test. I have the feeling I'm missing something here... If
I'll update the hash, will that break the build on another system? Why
is the current hash only 40 characters long?


vagrant at ubuntu-bionic:~/genode$ ./tool/ports/prepare_port atari800
atari800  update src/app/atari800
Error: Hash sum check for xformer failed
/home/vagrant/genode/tool/ports/mk/install.mk:197: recipe for target
'xformer.file' failed
make[2]: *** [xformer.file] Error 1
/home/vagrant/genode/tool/ports/mk/prepare_single_port.mk:38: recipe
for target '_install_in_port_dir' failed
make[1]: *** [_install_in_port_dir] Error 2
tool/ports/prepare_port:33: recipe for target 'atari800' failed
make: *** [atari800] Error 2
vagrant at ubuntu-bionic:~/genode$ grep xformer repos/world/ports/atari800.port
DOWNLOADS := atari800.git xformer.archive
URL(xformer) := http://prdownloads.sf.net/atari800/xf25.zip
SHA(xformer) := e65923fd3a4845c1c72d1677db0fda969187eb42
DIR(xformer) := src/app/atari800/xformer
vagrant at ubuntu-bionic:~/genode$ sha256sum -b - < contrib/atari800-*/xf25.zip
98ae0ad10413dd6f35ed80f5662dba6d790def70c7829046e52012a03b574b8a *-

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