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On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 09:13:32PM +0800, lzSun wrote:
> Hello,Stefan
> >Just out of curiousity, are you still using the tz_vmm.run script? And
> >if so, did you changed it to do: "run_genode_until forever", or does
> >it still use "run_genode_until <some_condition> <timeout>"?
> Yes, I am using tz_vmm.run script, and it sitll use the condition like this:
>        # execute and wait for console
> 	run_genode_until {.*\/ #.*} 220
> 	set serial_id [output_spawn_id]
> 	# wait for network to settle down
> 	send -i $serial_id "sleep 5\n"
> 	# test network
> 	send -i $serial_id "wget http://genode.org/\n"
> 	run_genode_until "Connecting to genode.org" 10 $serial_id
> 	run_genode_until {.*\/ #.*} 30 $serial_id
> Also, I tried to modify it to "run_genode_until forever" but I encountered the same problem.Please correct me if there are something wrong with those settings.

The run-script you are using is an automated test, which
remote-controls the test board by using Tcl/expect. Therefore, if you
use the unmodified run-script to control the Linux instance via serial
line manually, it won't work. The 'expect' mechanism holds control
over the serial line I/O. That means everything you type in will not
be sent to the other side.

If you want to use the test-scenario in a non-automated fashion, you
either replace the very first "run_genode_until ..." with
"run_genode_until forever", or you simply do not use the run-script to
connect to your test-board, but use a terminal emulator like "picocom"

Please, first evaluate whether it accepts input events with "direct"
serial-line access. I'm wondering that you see a _blinking_ terminal
but no input events are shown.


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