Hello, world!

Wouter van Oijen wouter.van.oijen at technolution.nl
Tue Nov 13 10:50:00 CET 2018

This is my first message to this mailinglist, so Hello, world! ;-)

I'm new to Genode and trying to learn the basics. Our goal is to
develop a setup that demonstrates the application of Genode to create
a powerful separation between critical and non-critical code. Genode
looks really promising for this!

To get a better understanding of the build environment and Noux in
particular, I'm trying to run a simple "Hello, world" application on
Noux. However, I don't know how to achieve this yet. The Porting Guide
[1] doesn't help me much, as I don't think the example is really
applicable to my use case. It raises the following questions:

* Is it necessary to create a "port file" for any application I want
to run on Noux (even if it's just a simple application consisting of
one source file that is already part of the build directory)?
* How can I add files generated by the Genode build system to the Noux
environment, so that I can call my "hello" binary from bash in Noux?

Any help or a working example would be much appreciated. It would help
me much if someone could explain me how to extend the "run/noux_bash"
[2] example to include my hello-world application, if this is right
way to continue.

[1] https://genode.org/documentation/developer-resources/porting_noux_packages
[2] https://github.com/genodelabs/genode/blob/master/repos/ports/run/noux_bash.run

Kind regards,

Wouter van Oijen
Lead Designer

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