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Wed Nov 7 15:19:44 CET 2018

I am now using  tz_vmm demo on  imx53-qsb board. Now, I want to use file
system session in tz_vmm and use SD card for storage medium. I know there's
a SD card driver [1] for imx53 board and I also find a related topic in
this link:
However, this link may be a few times ago, so the reference file [2] can
not be find in my Genode source tree(18.05).
I can only  find some related file like [3] ,but I am a little confuse.
Because in repos/libports/run/, there's no target
like "server/libc_fatfs" , but in boot_modules , it contains "". I have tried append target "test/libc_fatfs
test/libc_block" like in ,but  when building the
project, it print the error messge like:
Error: Ports not prepared or outdated: fatfs
And when I use ./tool/ports/prepare_port fatfs, there's another error:
Error: Hash sum check for fatfs failed
/genode/tool/ports/mk/ recipe for target 'fatfs.file' failed
I have tried ./tool/ports/update_hash fatfs but got the same result.So I
wonder how libc_fatfs can be used?

Besides,  I find the file repos/libports/run/ which is a
script for testing sd card driver I think. So I modify script as
follows :
1. append targets " drivers/sd_card" and  append boot_modules "sd_card_drv"
2.add config
<start name="sd_card_drv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="1M" />
<provides><service name="Block"/></provides>
<start name="my_server">
        <dir name="dev">
        <block name="blkdev"/>
3. In my own program, I write a test file like
in repos/libports/src/test/libc_block/, but it print the message
like this:
[init -> my_server] offset: 8193
[init -> sd_card_drv] Error: wait till issuing a new command is allowed
timed out.
I have no idea why this error occurred.

In general , could you please give me some hint that how I can use file
system session in tz_vmm? Thanks.

[1] repos/os/src/drivers/sd_card/spec/imx53
[2] repos/libports/run/
[3] repos/libports/run/
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