menu_view: does not get focus from parent

Boris Mulder boris.mulder at ...434...
Tue Mar 6 12:18:09 CET 2018

Hi All,

I have an application which is a custom version of launcher. It has its
own nitpicker session as well as a menu_view_slave that is used to
display a context menu if a certain element is clicked, similar to the

In my run script, I used the focus ROM policy in nitpicker such that
this launcher is focused when it's turned on in a similar fashion to the
leitzentrale from sculpt.

So far, everything has worked well. However, when I updated my genode
version from 17.11 to 18.02, the context menu never gets the focus, even
when it's up. Nitpicker does produce a hover report for the menu, and
the menu is displayed correctly and fades when the mouse is no longer
over it, just as in launcher. But the focus is never transferred to the
menu, and I cannot click on the buttons in the menu, nor do they change
color when I hover them (which used to be the case).

The policies in nitpicker and the focus handling should be correct as
they did work on 17.11.

I checked if anything important was changed in both the launcher and the
nitpicker after 17.11, but I could not find any change that I thought
was relevant for this problem.

I am also currently not able to run the launcher or menu_view run
scripts. crashes with an out of ram error and launcher
gives a stale screen with "menu" on the top left but does not do
anything else. Are you able to run those tests?

Do you have any idea where to look for? What change to 18.02 could
affect the focusing of a context menu?


Met vriendelijke groet / kind regards,

Boris Mulder

Cyber Security Labs B.V. | Gooimeer 6-31 | 1411 DD Naarden | The Netherlands
+31 35 631 3253 (office)

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