Sculpt EA On VirtualBox

John J. Karcher devuser at ...544...
Mon Mar 5 17:07:41 CET 2018

On 03/05/2018 08:05 AM, Alexander Boettcher wrote:
> Hi,
> On 04.03.2018 08:22, John J. Karcher wrote:
>> Actually, while the problems at SourceForge were delaying the mailing
>> list, I solved part of my problem.  Details below...
>> On 03/01/2018 11:14 PM, John J. Karcher wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have downloaded, built, and begun testing Sculpt EA, following the
>>> instructions linked to in the 18.02 release notes.  Everything went
>>> well during the build process.
>>> Since I primarily run everything I do in VirtualBox (and don't have
>>> the recommended hardware anyway), I created a VM as close to the
>>> recommendations as possible.
> It will work until the point where you try to start a VM in Sculpt,
> which will not run because VirtualBox don't support nested virtualization.

That's all I need!  Could you send me the configuration for a working 
VM?  My virtual SATA drive is not recognized if using PIIX3. 
("VBoxManage showvminfo" is verbose, but we don't have to worry about 
missing anytihng.)

>> [drivers -> platform_drv] Error: runtimne -> nic -> nic: assignment of
>> PCI device 0:11.0 failed phys=0xdc088000 virt=0x1000
> This is a normal message if you have no IOMMU support, which virtualbox
> doesn't provide to guests. You may just ignore (and we have to silence
> the output in the future.)

That's good to know.

>> ...
>> [runtimne -> nic -> nic] bus_addr = e2420000 len = 20000
>> ...
>> [drivers -> platform_drv] 0:11.0 uses IRQ, vector 0xb, non-maskable
>> This is closer to the hardware than I usually get these days.  Is there
>> anything I can try?
> It sounds like the issue reported in
> - unfortunately there
> has been no solution for ICH9 and network, but a quirk for PCIIX3 and
> network exists. Maybe you can report there your findings, if you have
> some news.

Interesting.  The log output of "download.config" doesn't contain the 
network-related errors when using PIIX3 - hopefully that's a good sign. 
(Without storage, I can't tell if it actually works, of course.)


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