Bender and GRUB1 "legacy"

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Thu Mar 1 09:25:43 CET 2018

Hi Valery,

> [init] Error: RAM preservation exceeds available memory
> [init] Warning: runtime: assigned RAM exceeds available RAM
> ...
> [init] Warning: specified quota exceeds available quota, proceeding
> with a quota of 3424667716
> [init] Warning: runtime: assigned caps (50000) exceed available
> caps (1381)

these messages are normal. Sculpt assigns all remaining memory and caps
to the runtime subsystem by specifying large amounts of quota to the
runtime start node (the real amount is not prior known). It is nothing
to worry about - we should definitely try to silence those messages in
the future.

You don't see any additional messages with Sculpt because the log of the
drivers subsystem is redirected to the report file system so that the
Sculpt user can inspect it once the system is up and running. Hence, the
drivers log is not routed to core's LOG service. For debugging, you may
remove the following routing rule from the "drivers" start node of the script:

  <service name="LOG"> <child name="log"/> </service>

With this rule removed, the routing falls back to the parent. Now, with
the LOG session routed to core, you should be able to see what the
drivers are complaining about.


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