my Sculpt Early Adopters experiences

Guido Witmond guido at
Fri Jun 8 14:52:01 CEST 2018

Hi Genodians,

Last week I've played with the Sculpt EA system. It looks great. And 
with the new booting code, it runs on my hardware.

It boots on my old Gigabyte H67MA-USB3-B3 mobo with a Pentium G620 
processor and 16 GB RAM. I didn't connect any Sata disks yet. Built-in 
Intel video to VGA and DVI-D display. No RS232 output, regrettably.
(Another box, a DELL optiplex 360 PC, does do RS232 after grub but lacks 
recognised display adapter and reboots).

My experiences:

Things that work:
- booting, OK;
- Leitzentrale OK;
- Disk, network and debug log OK;
- live reconfiguration of display from VGA to DVI OK;
- wired network config OK; however the system does not respond to ping;
- Deploy backdrop OK, 2048 game OK, noux OK.

After that I had some less luck.

- Some downloads seem to hang. It could either be out of RAM (config), 
or a lost packet that is not detected.
   I'm using the RAM-disk that gets to 64MB in size. (I remember, but 
could not reproduce) it going to 128MB

- Expanding the GENODE-partition on the USB-stick makes it unbootable. 
The system can't find and start Grub anymore. This happened repeatable 
both with a Kingston 8GB USB2 stick as well as with a Sandisk 32GB USB3 

I haven't been able to test the virtual machine with debian payload due 
to the download errors.

- is there a way to send the debug log via ethernet?
- did I miss some configuration settings that made the downloads get stuck?

Cheers, Guido.

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