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On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 11:14:02AM -0400, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> The build timeframe was less than a month before the 17.08 Genode was
> released.  I was using the 17.05 build which still used the previous NOVA
> version since NOVA was also updated to v7 when Genode 17.08 was released.

I don't understand this statement and maybe you mix things up here.
NOVA changed is version from v6 to v7 in 2014.

> I know I can (and have) re-downloaded the 17.05 Genode but is there a
> possibility of doing the prepare_port from an earlier version of a port
> (such as NOVA) so that I can reproduce the build that did work?  When I use
> the 17.05 and prepare the port, it pulls the newest NOVA and this version
> actually doesn't work with the older Genode source code.

If you want to use an older version just check out the appropriate Git
revision of Genode and run prepare_port for the ports needed. The port
mechanism will take care to retrieve the proper port revision for the
checked-out Genode revision. Please don't get distracted by the nova
port fetching the current Git, it also checks out the proper revision
on prepare_port.

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