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Fri Feb 9 11:53:26 CET 2018

Well, I adapted the nit_focus to use the window_layout report instead of
the clicked report, and it works like a charm.

Thanks for your response! If you want the source to save some work
later, I do not mind sharing it.


On 08-02-18 17:43, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi Boris,
> On 08.02.2018 16:20, Boris Mulder wrote:
>> So we need to have another nit_focus like component (or an extension of
>> the existing one) that bases its output on some report generated by the
>> layouter.
> exactly! The sole purpose of the nit_focus component is to be replaced.
> :-) With less than 50 lines of code, it showcases the implementation of
> the policy that was formerly built-in in nitpicker. Since I moved this
> policy to this external component, we can do anything we want by
> replacing it.
>> The layouter should generate a report with the label of the
>> current window on top of the stack, and this new component generates the
>> focus report accordingly. With rom_filters this can then be integrated
>> into the scenario the same way as with nit_focus. Whenever another
>> window is put to the front, either by clicking or through the new
>> external report, the layouter should update its own report with the top
>> window. Then the nit_focus component can update its focus report in turn.
> Yes.
>> One option would be using the "focus" report of the layouter together
>> with the window_list or window_layout report.
>> In this case, since the wm lives above the runtime init, the report
>> generated by the new nit_focus would need to have a label_prefix
>> appended, e.g. the window list reports label "noux -> nit_fb -> "
>> whereas nitpicker wants to see "runtime -> wm -> noux -> nit_fb -> ".
>> This depends on your scenario so should be configurable.
>> What do you think of this direction? Worth integrating into Genode?
> It is exactly the direction I want to go. The externalized nit_focus
> component was just a stepping stone.
> Still, my remark about the nitpicker-focus handover between sessions
> holds because such a mechanism is needed regardless of the layouter's /
> nit_focus policy, e.g., for implementing dialogs with menus or sub-dialogs.
> Cheers
> Norman


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