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I would like to second the journaling filesystem request, but add it toward
the end of the priority list, considering its difficulty (which seems
rather high, considering the lack of cross-platform support for most
filesystems). My own research into this suggests that most filesystem
drivers are integrated more tightly into the OS kernels than ideal. FUSE
seems like it should solve this issue, except there don't seem to be any
complete, actively-maintained FUSE implementations for mainstream
journaling filesystems. That said, ext4 support would definitely be nice.

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> On 12/27/18 11:11 AM, Norman Feske wrote:
> > Hi John,
> [snip]
> >> I was thinking along the lines of a VNC server.  (I was able to port the
> >> "libvncserver" library without any code changes, but since I'm still
> >> working on the application half, I don't know how well it works yet.)
> >
> > That's great to know! The integration of VNC is not on our radar yet.
> > But I can see how nicely it would complement the scenario. If the VNC
> > server provides a framebuffer and input service, we could easily combine
> > it with a dedicated instance of nitpicker+wm - each of those hosted as
> > subsystems within Sculpt's runtime. Then arbitrary interactive
> > applications could be routed to this GUI stack and thereby become
> > remotely accessible. That would rock! :-)
> I hadn't thought of that angle, but that would be powerful!
> The library does most of the hard work, so all the custom code has to do
> is provide a framebuffer and handle input events.
> For the initial iteration, I am trying to attach to the main
> framebuffer, but once that is working, it should be trivial to set it up
> as you describe.
>   Thanks!
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