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Thu Dec 27 20:20:09 CET 2018

Thank you for the encouragement Norman. That gives me determination to deliver on the 'hype' I posted.. and be useful to 
the community this coming year.

Now that I'm aware of the upcoming "" it seems I should have waited before registering at

Anyway here's the micro-blog as it is now:

Will migrate the entries in there to when is ready -- looking forward to it yes. More entries are queued up to help 
"prime the pump" if need be.

> We ultimately should strive for a agreed-upon official way. Right now,
> however, I feel that it's still too early to take informed decisions. So
> may we take 2019 as the year for desktop experimentation?

I'll try to do my part, fueled by feedback as well. 'Experimentation' is an interesting perspective:

One key ingredient/catalyzer, I believe, is ease of programming: when things take a lot of time and energy, developers get 'shy', 
overly cautious, think twice before coding.. Discussions heat up as there is more at stake.

When it's easy to come up with an (at least partial) implementation however, the discussion is less abstract as it moves forward 
supported by quickly-put together concrete examples.

Over time my 'library' of code and framework have reached a point where I can write GUI code very easily and quickly.. Meaning 
any given project does not have me too worried about it possibly ending up in the trash later.

(as the Jam/MR guys say, "make simple things simple, make complex things manageable")

We'll see how that factors in!

> Indeed. However, we have a rough plan to enable features like
> screenshots and screen recording. Maybe, these are worth considering for
> the road map?

Considering the conflicting imperatives -- prioritizing security on the one hand, and some quote-unquote "urgency" to enable 
developers to  "show off" on the other hand... Maybe it would make sense to prioritize implementing (a rough version of) the 
feature, but keep it hidden behind a compile-time flag? There would be a prominent comment near the if-def, "leave this 
commented out in production!"
Just a thought. I can use a digital camera to shoot the screen in the meantime.


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