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Norman Feske norman.feske at genode-labs.com
Wed Dec 19 14:31:41 CET 2018

Hi Guido,

> I wonder why the manager did start my vm-nixos when part_blk became
> available but decided to kill it when the inspector closes. It knows
> there is a dependency.

init restarts a component whenever any of the component's existing
session routes change. This is to enforce the new routing policy.

In your scenario, 'vm-nixos' had a block session routed to
'ahci-1.part_blk'. When you closed the inspect window, the sculpt
manager decided to remove the 'ahci-1.part_blk' because it was solely
needed to support the inspect window. This removal, in turn, invalidated
the block-session route of 'vm-nixos', which prompted the runtime's init
to restart the 'vm-nixos' component. The restarted version, however,
could not establish its block-session route. So it got stuck at this point.

In short, the Sculpt manager did not affect the 'vm-nixos' directly. The
observed killing was actually a restart, indirectly caused by the
removal of the 'ahci-1.part_blk'.

> Bummer, I had in mind to dedicate that secondary partition to the
> vm-nixos with a policy and leave the rest to Sculpt.

We will get there. But we are not there yet. ;-)


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