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Sun Sep 24 19:16:42 CEST 2017

I have been able to make a working environment with Genode/NOVA/VirtualBox
a single VM running TinyCore with networking enabled and can communicate
across the network.  So far, only on VirtualBox 4, 5 still has issues that
I am still trying to work out that I will get into at a later time but my
goal is multiple VMs with networking.

With VirtualBox 4, I have successfully made two VM environments and both
VMs see eth0, I can assign an IP address to each but neither VM can
communicate outside their own VM.  Unlike with the single VM, I was
unsuccessful to get an IP via DHCP (hence why I used a static IP), they
could not ping the other VM, they could not ping anything on the network to
which they were attached.  Is there a setting in the test.vbox file
different than for a single VM mode that I need to make to make the bridge
work for this?


Thank You,

Chris Rothrock
Senior System Administrator
(315) 308-1637
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