MuPDF fails

Alexander Senier alex at ...331...
Mon Sep 4 23:41:32 CEST 2017

Hi all,

when running the mupdf demo on base-linux/x86_64 (make run/mupdf), I get the following error:

genode build completed
using 'core-linux' as 'core'
using '' as ''
using 'linux_timer_drv' as 'timer'
spawn ./core
Genode 17.08
17592186044415 MiB RAM and 8998 caps assigned to init
[init] child "timer" announces service "Timer"
[init -> fb_sdl] creating virtual framebuffer for mode 1024x768 at ...487...
[init] child "fb_sdl" announces service "Framebuffer"
[init] child "fb_sdl" announces service "Input"
[init -> mupdf] Error: libc suspend() called from non-user context (0x1180506) - aborting
[init] child "mupdf" exited with exit value 1

An alternative PDF file made no difference, the same happens on base-nova. I tested with Genode 17.08.

Any ideas?


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