Qt5 QInputMethod

Johannes Kliemann Johannes.Kliemann at ...250...
Mon Sep 4 17:25:16 CEST 2017

Hi Christian,

while working with the QtVirtualKeyboard, I noticed that I can attach a
QInputMethod directly to the keyboard which is a much cleaner solution
than using a hidden input field.

As far as I understood it, it is required to create a custom
implementation of QInput(Method|Engine|Context) (like it is done in
qtbase/src/plugins/plastforms). What do you think is the best approach
to implement this part? I though about either doing it directly in the
keyboard application (which might be more portable) or adding it to the
nitpicker integration in /qt5/qtbase/src/plugins/platforms/nitpicker
(which would make it accessible for more applications).


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