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On 13.10.2017 17:01, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> I am trying to get a working virtual machine in Genode with the
> recipe vbox4_ubuntu_16_04_64.run but I am unsure where the virtual disk
> image file (.vdi) should reside so that the VirtualBox module loads it
> properly.  I am able to get a good compile and it seems to boot to Genode
> just fine and I even see the CPU status meter but I don't get the virtual
> machine booting up.  I created a VirtualBox VM with this same name with a
> VDI and completed a full install of Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit and am trying to
> use this image file.  As far as I can tell, the VDI meets all the
> parameters and works fine with using both Linux and Windows VirtualBox to
> run.  Any instructions on getting this (and possibly Windows VMs to work)
> would be greatly appreciated.

the vbox4_* and vbox5* run scripts are specifically setup for our test
machine. The scripts are executed automatically by our tests every day.

If you want to use those run scripts, you have to manually prepare your
test target machine beforehand similar to ours.

All the vbox4_*.run and vbox5_*.run scripts expect that the .vdi image
is placed on the target test machine. In the test machine a AHCI disc is
expected to appear as device 0 with a MBR partition scheme. The 4.
partition must contain a ext2 filesystem (see
repos/ports/run/virtualbox_auto.inc, look for ahci_drv and part_blk).

On the ext2 filesystem the vdi must lie in the root directory, and
additionally a "ram" directory is expected with a empty overlay vdi
image. The overlay image is loaded and kept during run script execution
just in RAM. All writes to the vdi goes to this overlay image instead of
the original Ubuntu image, to make sure that the original vdi file is
not modified.

So, for vbox4_ubuntu_16_04_64.run (using
repos/ports/run/vm_ubuntu_16_04_64.vbox) it looks like:


on the target test machine.

For the Windows VMs it is similar, just look into the corresponding
Virtualbox configuration *.vbox files for the vdi image names and add
the files to the filesystem on the target machine beforehand.

Information about creating the overlay images you will find in the
Internet or you may read the beginning of repos/ports/run/vbox_share.inc
for some hints.


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