VFS and FATFS plugin configuration

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Thu Nov 9 11:41:32 CET 2017

Hello Steve,

On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 05:35:26PM -0600, Steven Harp wrote:
> Release notes for 17.08 briefly describe changes to the FatFS-based
> plugin. I'm having difficulty making this work with a VFS server and a
> FAT filesystem on an AHCI block device.
> Are there good examples of such a configuration in 17.08?
> Some of the examples that I'd hoped would work, from libports
> (libc_vfs_{fs_fat, fat, component, fatfs_fs}), do not seem to run.
> Perhaps this reflects the recent changes?  Yes, I see none of these
> are in the autopilot list, and the libc_vfs examples in that list
> do seem to function correctly, but don't illustrate the desired
> scenario.
> Suggestions?

I just tested "make run/libc_vfs_fat KERNEL=nova" and it works on our
staging branch after I followed the hint in the log

  Error: missing depot archives:
  You may create the following archives locally:

    .../tool/depot/create genodelabs/bin/x86_64/base-nova genodelabs/bin/x86_64/init genodelabs/bin/x86_64/ahci_drv CROSS_DEV_PREFIX=/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-x86-

and created the missing depot archives. I added "-j 8" to the command
line for parallel build. It needs some tweaks for regressions on 17.08

> An up-to-date README for VFS would be really handy...

The current VFS implementation can be seen as an intermediate
development step. There are already many features, which solve a lot
of use cases, but in our opinion we did not attain our goals yet.
Therefore, we expect several aspects will change on the path and
deferred thorough documentation beyond the available run scripts.

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