VFS and FATFS plugin configuration

Steven Harp steven.harp at ...486...
Thu Nov 9 00:35:26 CET 2017

Release notes for 17.08 briefly describe changes to the FatFS-based
plugin. I'm having difficulty making this work with a VFS server and a
FAT filesystem on an AHCI block device.

Are there good examples of such a configuration in 17.08?

Some of the examples that I'd hoped would work, from libports
(libc_vfs_{fs_fat, fat, component, fatfs_fs}), do not seem to run.
Perhaps this reflects the recent changes?  Yes, I see none of these
are in the autopilot list, and the libc_vfs examples in that list
do seem to function correctly, but don't illustrate the desired

Suggestions?   An up-to-date README for VFS would be really handy...

// Steve Harp

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