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Hello Chris,

On Fri, Nov 03, 2017 at 02:31:41PM -0400, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> I tried this same build on an Intel-based computer (an HP Z240 with an
> Intel SATA controller) but this one gets even less progress.  The driver
> reports that there are no AHCI controllers present.  From what I can tell,
> this is probably because the controller is set to IDE mode not AHCI mode
> but there aren't any options within the BIOS to even change this setting so
> I am up against a wall to get this to work on any platform I have tried.

>From the available HP documentation I'd bet the SATA controller comes
without IDE/legacy mode. But, it supports a hardware RAID mode, so you
may check in BIOS under "Configure Storage Controller for RAID" for
"Disable". Also, the HP Z240 is optionally delivered with PCIe SSD
(i.e., NVMe SSD) which is not supported by ahci_drv as it is a
completely different interface from AHCI.

If you can make sure that there is a SATA SSD/disk and the controller
is not in RAID mode, you may provide the output of

  sudo lshw -sanitize -numeric
  sudo lspci -vvvnn

from inside a Linux running on the workstation.

> [init -> nic_drv] Found: 00:1f.6 8086:15b7 (rev 31) IRQ 0b
> [init -> nic_drv] no driver found

The 8086:15b7 is a pretty recent I219-LM we just enabled in our NIC
driver on our staging branch. The patch is pretty simple - you may
have a look at

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